Michal Mankowski

Ph.D. Students
Ph.D. Student, Computer Science​​​​​​

Research Interests

    • Dynamic programming
    • Combinatorial optimization
    • Complexity of algorithms​

Selected Publications

  • M. Mankowski, T. Luba, C. Jankowski: Evaluation of decision table decomposition using dynamic programming classifiers. CS&P 2015: 34-43​
  • C. Jankowski, D. Reda, M. Mankowski, G. Borowik: Discretization of data using boolean transformations and information theory based evaluation criteria, Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Technical Sciences, 12/2015; 63(4):923-932
  • G. Borowik, T. Luba, C. Jankowski, M. Mankowski: Decision table decomposition for further rule induction, Computer Aided System Engineering (APCASE), 2015 Asia-Pacific Conference on, Quito, 2015, pp. 102-106.
  • Education

    • M.S. (Electrical Engineering), Warsaw University of Technology, Poland, 2016
    • ​B.S. (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Warsaw University of Technology, Poland, 2014